It's So Cold in the D

I did some more exploring and wanted to share the adventures with you all. One of my girlfriends from college is in town and I thought why not make a trip to the DIA aka the Detroit Institute of Arts while I'm down there. 

Funny enough, my friend and I actually met at a pre-college program that was held in Detroit and one of our excursions was going to the DIA. 


Isn’t she beautiful? I think I prefer older architecture as opposed to more modern buildings. Surprisingly enough, the more modern buildings that are meant to shock and wow, just don’t do it for me. Buildings like this do though, every darn time. 


I love me a good brick building, we don’t have enough brick anymore. Especially if you show me a place with exposed brick inside... I’m already drooling.  

Campus Martius Stroll


I know Detroit gets a bad rap and honestly, I think I was guilty of it too, but it really is a place that built this state. Even after all Michigan went through and Detroit even worse, our state is still fighting and thriving. Detroit is hustlin’ like she always does and slowly but surely will be back to her former glory soon, I have no doubt in my mind. As they say, Detroit hustles harder. 


I didn’t get a ton of pictures that day because I was working on some stuff in the WeWork office downtown and didn’t want to disturb the art experience at the museum. However, I did want to show you a different side of Detroit than you may have ever seen and I really hope you enjoyed it. If you ever get the chance to visit, please do. Just driving around downtown to look at the architecture was a treat in and of itself. 

What’s your favorite thing about your city? 

Do you also have a love affair with brick and old buildings like I do?  

Let’s chat!