The Weekender: All the Eats, Drinks, Flowers, and Sunshine

I had a very full weekend a few weeks ago and I thought it might be fun to take you along for the ride. Follow along for a very active weekend.

Friday and the Perfectly Spicy Happy Hour

The weather was absolutely perfect last Friday, a whopping 77 degrees to be exact. In celebration of spring and it’s official arrival here in the south, one of my best girlfriends and I decided it was well-past time for a spicy margarita happy hour.

We decided to go to Salt and Lime Cabo Grill in North Raleigh. If you haven’t been, then you need to. Definitely try the guacamole with pineapple. The tacos are good too but we just got margs and chips and guac. You know we had to get a seat out on their back patio to soak up some of the sun.


Saturday and All the Premium Content

Saturday, the same girlfriend Rebekah and I went to a indoor cycling class at CycleBar in the morning and then went to get some photos in the lovely weather before heading downtown for lunch. We like to stop by Raleigh Raw sometimes and get poke!


As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with dogs and it is my personal mission to pet them all if I can. Even though I have my own angel to love on doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate all the other good boys and girls out there. I will actually run across the street to pet a dog, no question. I’m that committed to my goal.


I need you to appreciate his bandana and cute scrunchie face. Those tiny little paws too, I’m sorry but I cannot handle the cuteness! These are just a few of the cuties I had met along my journey.


Little City Brewing is the absolute cutest and I live for the decor. I go nuts for some great mid-century modern decor, it’s a real problem honestly. I normally hate sitting at the bar because I hate sitting on stools, but their bar stools are so cute and so comfy because they have a comfy leather back with some pin-tucked details.


How cute are these drinks though! On Saturday’s they have $6 French 76s which are typically in my experience called French 75s, but I am not one to nitpick a half-price cocktail! Definitely try their French 76 out especially on Saturdays!


The beet salad!


Their fried shrimp things, these were ok.


The famous truffle mac’n’cheese.

Sunday and the Fun Day

We got two free Cycle Bar classes so I figured I’d do back-to-back days of classes since I was doing so much eating this weekend. Let me tell ya, Offline Premium perks really bring us together. I managed to be cycling next to two local food bloggers and we ended up becoming friends and grabbing brunch after. You should definitely check them out here at Triangle Drinks and Discovering Raleigh.

We had all been wanting to check out Hummingbird for awhile now, so we decided to head there for brunch. They had the cutest neon pink sign and I think I need one. They had these funky colored lights as well that in theory sound weird, but in execution they totally work! What do you think?


The food was picture perfect and delicious to boot. You should definitely check out Hummingbird Raleigh when you get the chance! It’s worth a taste…


This bar though. Adorbs! I love the funky yellow stools and the overall funky vibe of this place. I will say, it is a little bit small on the inside, but on a nice day they have a great little patio.


We rounded out our weekend with dinner at Bonefish (left, below). We seemed to be doing a lot in the North Hills neighborhood this weekend. This restaurant is a chain and although I try not to eat at chains very often because I like to support local businesses, my friend had a buy-one-get-one entree coupon and I love a good bargain. I can’t believe I had never been here before though!

I had way too much delicious food this day and this weekend in general. My friend Rebekah who is launching her own food blog (woo!) has been testing all her too good to be healthy recipes on me and my waistline is not a fan, but my tummy is! She made me the desserts in the bottom right, salted caramel buckeyes and chocolate raspberry cupcakes. I could have died and went to heaven right after I finished up all those buckeyes…

Please go and check out her blog Beck Eats World, she makes the best food I promise! She’s been forcing me to eat all her delicious foods, it’s a blessing and a curse being her best friend!


Well, I hope you enjoyed tagging along on one of my weekend adventures. What do you like to do on weekends? What did you do this weekend?