It's the Best Time of the Year

*This post is super late, my apologies. Life got away from me. But exciting things are coming! Stay tuned!*

My favorite time of year is fall. If I could find a place that had fall all year round, I’d be living there ASAP. Since fall is my favorite season, you know I had to partake in all of the festivities! This will be a compilation of all of the autumn activities that we partook in. 

Farm Stands, Cider Mills, and Pumpkin Picking -- Oh My!


I love me a good farm stand and the one down the street from where I live is right up my alley. They also sell a lot of plants as well. I liked to get my produce here all fall. 


Then we had to make the trip to a cider mill and corn maze. Luckily enough for us, there was one near us that had all that and more in one convenient location. Pictured above, you’ll see thy even sell corn on the cob and bbq ha! The Midwest is an interesting place,  let me tell ya. 


Next up, was one of my favorite adventures, picking pumpkins. I can't believe I had never done this before, being the autumn fanatic that I am. We took my pup Fitz along with us and he really seemed to enjoy it. We even tried to have him ride in the cart, but he only did so for about 0.2 seconds. 


We just had to get a little family portrait with this ham! 


He's so majestic, isn't he?


Two of my mini gems from the picking, I also got one rather large white pumpkin as well. I didn't even know there was such a thing as white pumpkins! 

Halloween 2017 

I'll give you a few moments to take a guess what we were dressed as... 


Well... any correct guesses? We were party animals! 


This party animal may have partied a little too hard... 

Thanksgiving 2017


I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend Brian and his family in Wisconsin and let me tell you it's somehow 10x colder in Wisconsin than Michigan. Even though that the only thing separating Wisconsin and Michigan is one Great Lake. Our faces suffered the wind chill greatly to get this photo, you're welcome internet fam.

Few questions for you guys (I love chatting with you guys down in the comments):

What's your favorite season?

What did you do for the holidays?